Mariachi CDs

I have four Mariachi music CDs, but none of them are audiophile quality. In fact, they are very poorly recorded compared to most of my other CDs (and that is saying quite a lot!). Does anyone know of some well recorded examples of Mariachi music?
Do you have a DVD player?
I have a music DVD by Calexico.
It is a very well recorded performance, IMO...
Thanks. No, I don't have a DVD player. I can play CDs and SACDs.
Chet Baker has 2 mariachi/jazz records (Mariachi Brass 1 & 2, IIRC) that are great fun (though I honestly haven't listened in a while and should revisit them). Can't recall if the RQ is notable, ant completely authentic, but probably worth chasing down anyway.

That last line should have been "and not completely authentic".
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