Margin on speaker sales by high end dealer

Many a times, you talk with a dealer and they order and deliver the product. So you spend 10k on a pair of speakers. Seems very simple to do by a high end dealer. And most often done without an Instore  visit.
So how much are they making?
they are not making enough to get rich that is for sure!
No, after the dealer pays $5000 for a $10000 speaker, he has to pay the sales person, the rent/mortgage, insurance, taxes etc. But the mark up is 50% of the retail price, minus shipping costs, which are sometimesy the reps commission.  The B&W rep showed me the invoice for the speakers he sold me.  He would deliver them to make the extra 10% commission  (of wholesale).
Hi i don't think this thread is about dealer margins, at all, as everyone has said it's been done to death, 
Its about not being happy about the price  of hi fi, its shocking, and we ALL know that, prices going up over 4-5 times inflation, just look what Dartzeel did, shocking price rise, i have always said price will kill this hoby, nothing else ,price will eventually,price  everyone out ,  when you can get a huge house, for the price of an amp, its over, when they sell you speakers , for the price of a top lamborghini, laughable, 6 cones and a box to put them in, cost's the same as thousands of highly manufactured parts, and assembly of a lambo,don't make me piss myself,, hi fi is dead,, it just doesn't know its dead,,
Selling 50k speakers qland making 25k is way too much..thats why they are so high priced
The ultra high end speakers, controversial for some, would seem to pull up prices on lower high end speakers. High end speaker manufacturer have many price points that serve to stretch a buyers purse strings. It can be a costly upgrading process. All hifi component manuf do this. Just a few thousand more gets you so much more, or so they want you to believe. A consumer struggles with a path to getting good value, it is not easy.