Marcin Wasilewski Trio

I just saw that the MW Trio will be releasing a new album, _Faithul_, in April. Eagerly awaited!
Thanks for the heads up.

A jazz piano trio recording I've listened to a lot lately is "Achirana." An ECM recording from 2000 by pianist Vassilis Tsabropoulos along with bassist Arild Andersen and drummer John Marshall. Recommended.
Achirana is just superb--I agree completely.
Nearly scored a Wasilewski disc a couple of times...heard him on a couple of Tomasz Stanko discs i think, looks like good stuff although some recent Stanko is maybe too good a cure for insomnia. On the Achirana... it sure doesn't hurt to have Arild Andersen and John Marshall... Some of that Soft Machine work puts J.M. in a very small group of peers. Haven't got Tsabropulos Triangle disc, hope it's as good as Achirana
Triangle is superb--every bit as good as Achirana, and that's saying something.
Thanks guys. Based on your recommendations I ordered Achirana. Absolutely fantastic! The only problem is, it’s one of those CDs that sounds so good, it limits what you can play next.
Where did you order Achirana? CD Universe wants $41.69 for this title, seems high. $95 for Triangle on Amazon. What's going on here?
I'm interested in checking these out.
I paid $13.69 for Achirana on Amazon. I can’t find a reasonably priced Triangle either. These prices, for what I assume are out of print CDs, are another reason I’m looking forward to getting a DAC someday and buying online.
"buying online”

Should have written: buying hi-rez downloads online.