marchand wm8 users

I am interested in comments from users of the WM8 bass eq. Does it affect the sound in any harmful way? Does it work as claimed? All negative or positive experiences will be appreciated.
I built a "Bassis" about two years ago. I upgraded the op amps. I use it to push a 18" SW in a sealed box down below 32 hz. If I ported the box I could have gotten well below 24 hz. but then I would have to deal with port problems. So I went with electronic EQ.

Anyway, yes it works as claimed. My only negative is with some disks (1 or 2 out of several hundred) the low freq. rumble is too great and I need to bypass the SW.

I also have a Marchand Tube Xover and his 300 watt amp (that I use to drive the SW). Overall I am happy with all my Marchand purchases. Plus, I have found that his after sale support to be good. Hope this helps.