Marchand Audio

Just spent a lunch hour visiting Marchand Audio in Rochester NY.What a line of equipment they put out from a modest facility.I was interested in the Bassis and was wondering if anyone had opinions(like non of us have opinions)on this piece.The assembled mono version costs about 330.00 .I would be willing to sacrifise output for extended response.
The soup to nutz on this thing is that it inverts the rolloff in the lowend and extends the response.Thanx
Don't try using the Marchand Basis with a vented design. It is intended for use with acoustic suspsension or infinite baffle designs only. As a side note, using a device such as this will require GOBS of power. If you don't have that available, the only way that this will work well is if you keep the listening level pretty low. Sean
The original Bose idea (before they went commercial) was to make a speaker with deliberate roll-off beginning at a very high frequency (I seem to remember 200 Hz) and correct it electronically. As sean says, GOBS or SUPERGOBS of power were necessary. The electronic equalization must, of course, be exactly matched to the speaker: since Bose made both he could do it.

Marchand makes good stuff, and does not engage in highway robbery.
My listening levels rarely go above 80db.I'm using adcom 555mkII's bridged.I'll have to get the specs from Adire for my tumults.I just wonder how much information is below 30hz on a typical action movie.