Marc Cohn

Had the (fortunate) opportunity to see/hear him last night, small venue, maybe 300 seats, close to capacity but last few rows of seats were empty. I was so surprised by this concert, in a very positive way. He is clearly a major talent, great singer/writer, pianist, vocalist, high-energy person, perhaps under-appreciated. Certainly was by me (but no longer). Very highly recommended, worth going out of your way to have the experience. YPYM, YTYC. As one here once said to me. But, I think its money well spent. Far better than a new power cord, you get my meaning here, right?
Saw him in a small venue in Bethlehem PA this summer ... awesome experience! no open seats at that show that I can recall. Same with Vienna Teng!
I've seen Marc Cohn a couple of times and totally agree. He is one of my favorite male vocalists and is a fantastic singer/songwriter.
Thanx for the reminder. I always liked what I heard (Walking in Memphis and a few other radio favorites) but I never really followed his career. I just checked his website and he's playing near me in April. I just put it on my calendar.
Most highly recommended, for sure.