Marantz vs. Emotiva

I'm getting sick of my Emotiva UMC-1. Been back to the factory for repairs twice and it's still got a problem where I intermitently can't hear dialogue. I'm thinking of maybe picking up a Marantz 7702 on the used market. Is this going to be a step backwards in any way? Also, is there a big difference between the 7702 and the 7702mk2 in terms of future proofing? I'm stil a few years away from getting a 4k tv. Thanks all.
I also knew somebody who had a Emotiva processor (I can't remember if it was a UMC-1 or UMC-200).  They had problems with it also, and switched over to a Marantz receiver instead.  They loved the Marantz.  I have listened to the Emotiva receiver (basically a UMC-200 with a 7 channel amp).  It is on the cold side.  The Marantz will be warmer and probably a lot more musical.
dbw1, I'm just a "fly-on-a-wall" with this thread because while I have no familiarity with either component you mention herein, I do have two pieces of Emotiva gear I'm happy with, so I'm concerned with the lack of servicing you have experienced. Have you asked for a replacement? FWIW I have a ERC-3 CD player and CMX-2 power conditioner.
I have not asked for a replacement. Their service model does not seem great. It's mostly communication by email. I'm not too concerned with the "musicality" as I have separate components for music. I'm just wondering if the Marantz would be a step backward for HT in terms of sound quality. Thanks all. 
dbw1, irrespective of your intention by virtue of this thread to understand if the Marantz would be a step backward in terms of sound quality, if you have purchased an Emotiva product and are not completely satisfied because of a manufacturers defect while the product is still under warranty, you should be entitled to a refund or replacement. My recommendation is to call Emotiva and ask for Lonnie Vaughn. Explain your situation and at least make an attempt to be fairly compensated.  
I'v had it 2 and a half years at this point. Presumably not under warranty. At $500 brand new it was a steal, or so I thought. :)