Marantz VP-12S2 Will Not Light Up

Although this projector would be considered a vintage unit today, it serves my multi-purpose HT room well. When I use the power button it begins the normal warm up cycle but ends with a solid Lamp Warning light and the units shuts off. I can hear three distinct cycles of a faint consistent "whirling" sound, and then it defaults.

I ordered a new lamp figuring that was the problem, but even with the new lamp it behaves the same way. 

Any ideas? Could the fan intakes be clogged? I don't see any indication that the lamp is lighting at all, it seems to stay dark.

In the dark, during "safe at home".

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Yes, I looked at the owners manual, and the steady light indicates a bulb failure. With a brand new bulb, it reacted the same way. One problem though, is these aftermarket bulbs can be bad. So no way to test the bulb but to order another one.

Re: this old dog. Well it was a small fortune when I bought it, and I got a 25% discount at the time, but even today its very adequate for the application I am using it for.