Marantz VA9000 connect to SACD?

I would like to know if there is any way to connect the Marantz AV9000 to an SACD or A-DVD and how to connect it?
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I have an AV9000. Certainly there's a way to connect an SACD player to it. Did you read the manual?

Buy a 6-pack of analog interconnect and use it to connect the 6 analog outputs of the player to the 4 Bypass Inputs of the 9000. The L/R pair go to the pair of analog inputs you select in the 9000's initial setup menu. I use 'TV'. (After you enable 6-channel input or whatever Marantz calls it, you then make the input selection.)

Didn't you read the 9000's manual?
Hi Jeffreybehr

First I want to thank you for your kindness response in help me how to connect a 5 separated analog channels from A-DVD/SACD player to AV9000. In fact, I only found in the manual one information that may relate to this subject but it is still appeared to be unclear to me: “6CH. DIRECT: 6 channel direct input of the AV9000 shares the front channel of the desired source”
Jeffreybehr, I hope to receive you advice again if any connection below is wrong.

Connect four analog outputs from a SACD player to the AV9000 section that classified as DIRECT INPUT (1 center, 1 sub woofer, 1 L/R surround), and the other two analog outputs (from layer) to TV L/R audio channels section.

On screen Manual setup:
6 CH. Direct: TV
Input RF Digital Analog
Actually, I plan to buy a DVD universal player such as Yamaha DVD-C750 universal disc player that Home Theater review rated it very good/excellent and the list price is $330 (I think the price could be lowered by shop on the internet). So it would be great if the separated analog connection on the AV9000 is worked.
Please advice if anyone has experience or know about this matter.
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