Marantz UD9004 for a reference player?

I am in a pickel as I just bought a new 65" TV and I am ready for Blueray....BUT since I use a Krell HTS7.1 for my main pre/pro,I have only 1 set of 7.1 inputs(for this winter)and my SACD player gave I need a good universal and was wondering if anyone compared or tried this unit.I have owned and liked the Krell SACD Standard,Raysonic CD128,Esoteric DV60 and just acquired the Mcintosh 871.
If the UD9004 is of the same sound quality as these ...then no problem.
Anyone tried?
I looked at this a year ago when I wanted to jump in to BluRay and looked at the D&M three. The Denon, marantz and Mcintosh 881. All I came away with is the video sems to reamin constant across the three. But the sound quality gets better with Marantz and then again with the McIntosh.
I would up buying the Anthem Statement D2V and a Sone ES1000 and keeping my Denon 5910ci for multi channel Sacd and DVD-A. I use the Ayre C5xe-mp for 2 channel. Some will say the Oppo is the best bang for buck but I never took an interest in them. However Ayre uses the Oppo as a basis for their new player.
Is there no one else with one or compared one.
I do thank you for your response Theo
Well I just picked up 7004 and must say the beefy 42lbs makes one feel as if the money spent(got a good deal)was well worth it.The setup was easy since i had a Mcintosh 871,denon 2910ci.the player is marvelous on Blueray but I have had zero hours for music.I will get time shortly.