Marantz TT-15S Opinions?

Has anyone heard this new turntable yet? It's made by ClearAudio and there are no reviews yet as of this time (April 26 2006). It's highly rated by one of the big online TT merchants. I wonder if i should go with the tried and true models as opposed to a new model which may be overpriced, or overrated.
At a glance it looks a lot like the clearaudio emotion which sells for $999 with the satisfy arm but no cartridge. Note that the emotion uses a continuous run of wire from clips to phono cable- not sure about the Marantz. If the two are identical twins then the question is whether you like the clearuadio cartridge included with the Marantz at app.$600-$700. BTW, both tables appear to be pretty good value at <$2000 with cartridge.
its nice and the same as the clear audio. its gonna hold its value a bit better than the emotion because of the marantz badge.
It actually has several upgrades from the Emotion/Satisfy. First, the arm tube is carbon fibre, as opposed to the aluminum in the Satisfy, next, the feet appear to be the better feet from the Champion series, rather than the plastic cones from the Emotion. It also appears that, in the photos, which can be misleading, that the platter is thicker as well. And then they throw in the cartridge too. I am not a Clearaudio fan but it appears to be a better buy than the tables in the Clearaudio line, if you need a turnkey table.
Thanks everyone! I think pairing this with the Lehmann Black Cube, Graham Slee MK V or Trigon Vanguard phono preamps would be a good combo...what do you recommend? ANy other suggestions in this price range? (Budget $2k to $2500)
The Musical Fidelity X-LP v3 with X-PSU power supply is a really nice phono stage that should be added to your short list.

The other obvious suggestions are the VPI Scout ($1650.00), with Black Cube ($460.00) and Dynavector 10X5 ($425.00).

Or Rega P5 with upgraded power supply ($1640.00), Denon 103R ($265.00) and Musical Surroundings Phenomena ($600.00).

Best of luck!
Good suggestions...thanks! I ended up with a VPI Scout with Signature tonearm, DynaVector 10x5 and the Musical Fidelity X-LPS v3 with AudioQuest Cobra and VPI TT ICs. Result - wonderful, full bodied and detailed sound...did a side by side with the new Rega Apollo CD and it is just in a different league altogether. Glad I got back into vinyl!