Marantz TT 15 vs Clearaudio Concept

I saw a deal that includes a pretty nice Marantz iPod doc included with the TT 15 for $100 less than the Concept. Nice incentive but the TT is more important to me. I have heard a Clearaudio Concept with the $200!MM cart and was very impressed. The Marantz has a much better $900 cart (CA Virtuoso Ebony). My planned upgrade path is a $2K MC/MM phono stage, then a $1200ish MC cart, and eventually a better TT (VPI Classic/ Clearaudio Performance). Any upgrade should blow away my early 80's Luxman with a Grado Black cart. Will this Marantz satisfy me through my upgrade path?
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I also owned the Marantz TT15 for about 6-12 months. This table got me back into vinyl in a big way. I never had any problems with it. I thought it sounded better than my CD player. It just made me want to get more into analog. I changed to a VPI Classic 1 with a better cartridge and now to a VPI Classic 3 which I prefer but at a much higher cost. You could always start with a better TT and less expensive cartridge and phono stage and then upgrade in the future. I was looking for a good TT to see if I would be interested in playing vinyl in the future and the Marantz worked for me.
I see there is an online dealer selling a new Marantz at a great price. Good luck with your decision.