Marantz TT-15 turntable: Speed control compatible?

Just wondering if it is possible to use some kind of electronic speed control with this table.

I know Clearaudio makes one, but it is a bit expensive.

The Marantz TT-15 of of course a "Clearaudio" table (and a beautifull one at that).

The power cord is dedicated and fixed to the motor, and cannot (to my knowledge) be removed.

Any ideas on how I may be able to get some electronic control working for me? Thanks in advance.
As long as it has an asynchronous ac motor which it appears that it does you can try a Music Hall Cruise Control I use one on my VPI Scout and it works excellent
Thank you for your suggestion. After a bit of research, there seems to be incompatibility issues concerning the diameter of the pulley (whether a table's belt must be left on the smaller or larger diameter 33 or 45 rpm) which may stress the speed controler and induce noise in the sound.

My question would be, do you leave your table belt on the smaller or larger diameter of the pulley when using the speed controller?