Marantz,..then vs. now.

Saul Marantz deserves much for the beginnings of the "high-end".   As many know Marantz went through the Superscope years and being at or below mainstream.  What I am wondering is in the name and reality of the "high-end" is Marantz in the High-end/audiophile league or are they more mainstream?


All the classic 50's Marantz gear was designed by engineer Sid Smith. Saul just provided the financing and sold the business in the mid-60's when solid state was taking over.

I regret selling my Marantz 2270 receiver. I had that in use 1976-78. It had pre-out and amp-in jacks so it was quite versatile. Several years ago I won an eBay auction for a 2235 at $130 with free shipping! I thought it would go much higher! Both of these receivers have excellent SQ!

Yes, after SuperScope took over Marantz in '65 it became a mainstream audio company. The same thing happened to Luxman when Alpine bought them in the 80's.