Marantz - the holy grail for SACD

I talked to Marantz tech support.  The say the SA-10; The SA-KI Ruby and the 30n basically have same drive, and very similar circuitry and sound same.  The differences are down to features such as balanced or single ended.
Has anyone done a comparison between the units?
Interested as well. Looking forward to the responses. 
I have not heard the Ruby , I just brought the SA 10 Home for auditioning using rca interconnect , I could tell this player is a keeper on my initial impression, listening to redbook only at this time. It’s a beautiful on champagne color.,and very heavy, if you have extra budget get the SA10 that’s my guest,
The SA 10 , Its give you the impression like you are listening to live music redbook or sacd, But the SACD is brutally good.
clickbait title, and untrue
The Marantz reference sa8005 was no slouch either. Still have mine and it works flawlessly. Marantz knows a thing or two about  how to build great sacd and cd players. 
Audioguy I was reluctant to upgrade from 8005 , thinking that my 8005 is already good.My original budget is 3k for sacd. As I read the review of Ruby it got me interested to extend my budget to 4K, but the Ruby are out of stock. I already know the SA10 is well design and with stellar reviews, so when it became available on champagne color open box, at Music direct I decided to audition it, right away when I took it out of the box it’s so beautifully made, like a piece of art.then I just hope it will sounds the way it looks. Indeed it exceeded my expectations, it sound musically balance , making you forgot you listen to stereo, because it sounds LIVE.the speed, impact, imaging, huge soundstage, instruments placements are well place.This SA10 is not going back to Music direct, Thank you Tom and Bess at Music direct for the assistance.After listening for 5 hrs , I realize at 7k price is still reasonably price for the performance.if you wait for open box the price would be a steal.Audition one and Iam afraid it won’t leave your system.

Nice score! There is no substitute for a Reference cd/sacd spinner!

Happy Listening!

it would be of interest to learn if Marantz stocks critical parts for repair/replacement on the 8005? Over time, the drive/laser assembly will require service.

Happy Listening!
Dcaudio the SA10 has balance in a week I will switch to balance , and update you the difference,my Krell preamp and my previous esoteric sacd both have balance features when I used the balance the improvement is huge, Iam aware you are asking about the Ruby., I thought this would help.