Marantz SR8500 Reception

I recently purchased a Marantz SR8500. So far I love it, but a peculiar thing I noticed recently is that it has lousy AM/FM reception. I am able to pick up some stations on my clock radio very clearly that can not be picked up at all on the Marantz. I have tried moving the antenna around, and it helps a little, but not much. Anyone else have this problem?

Most newer main stream receivers have lousy tuners these days. I am a Marantz dealer but we also sell high end and the best tuners are still old ones from the 60's. The best thing is to get a real FM antenna in your attic or on your roof. This is a way to make a huge difference for little money and some labor on your part. There is nothing you can do about AM except to tie the antenna hook up for AM into the ground of your house so you are using all the copper wire in your entire house as an antenna. This will also have more noise too but will help you pick up fringe stations.