Marantz SR8500 & JM Labs Chorus?

I am pretty new to high end audio. I started out with an NAD T753 with JM Lab Chorus S 714 fronts, 705 S rears, and CC 700 center. That setup sounded pretty good. I had made some concessions due to budget, but for 80% video and 20% music this system was working pretty well.

The Nad has now gone in for repair for the third time in two years, and I have had it! That receiver is not setting foot back in this house!!! I can get a great deal on a Marantz SR8500. It sounds great in the store, and I am just wondering how anyone thinks this would pair up with my JM Labs Chorus speakers. Any opinions?
Come on folks, can I get anyone with knowlege of either of these products to give me some feedback?
You might want to try

and do a search for the products in question
i have a 8400 with 5 pse studio v mono amps... from a preamp / processor standpoint it is pretty good for the price...

the amp section...hummm...its a reciever..
Marantz makes a solid receiver and players.

If I need to get a receiver right now, it'll be on top of my list.