Marantz SR8002 as PRE & B&K REF 200.7

Hello experts

My current HT setup has a Marantz SR8002 receiver (125W per channel) powering Mythos ST fronts, Mythos 10 center and Mythos Two for rears. I would like to get an opinion if adding a B&K ref 200.7 amp will
1. Improve the quality of sound (music but mainly movies)?
2. Is is worth the investment?
3. If there is a better amp than B&k.
I have seen a similar thread but with both the receiver (150W/Channel) and amp being B&K. I appreciate if anyone can provide feedback on the proposed combination.

The B&K will be an improvement but to get the biggest change for the dollar it is important to know the sound of your speakers, room, and everything else.

This is best done by working with a dealer that will let you borrow the equipment of is very good at matching.

I don't know your speakers but if you are looking for a warmer, richer sound overall, the B&K won't help much. If you want clearer and more dynamic sound then it will.
Marantz(warmish) + B&K(neutralish) = sweet sound. I know with Klipsch speakers, Marantz/B&K combo mates very well.

Marantz is not warm unless you compare it to Yamaha. It is neutral. The B&K is slightly bright and grainy but not extreme. Rotel would be a little warmer and Parasound much warmer.

Everything is based on perspective. Klipsch are extremely bright and harsh so to Willand it does make Marantz seem warm.
Has anyone experienced the Aragon 2005 200W * 5 channel amp. It seems to have good reviews but is no longer in the market as Klipsch does not manufacture the original.