Marantz SR7005 OR Pioneer ELite SC-35

I'm putting together a surround sound system and was wondering if anyone using either of the AVR's in my title would care to comment on them. I'm considering a purchase of one or the other and I'm thinking that between them its a "flip a coin" type of a decision. The PE uses Class-D amps; Marantz has a good rep for audio. Both have multi-year warranties, both are in the same price range.

All comments are appreciated..

Thank You
Personally, I am bias against class-d amp for I have yet heard one that I like.
I would also give the nod to the Marantz for the reason you stated. I happen to have had the same experience as Sidssp but understand that there have been major improvements in class D.
I have the SR7005 and ST8002, so I too am biased towards Marantz given these two options, but both are strong units.
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another vote for the Marantz,,

have been using a SR9600 since it was new and no desire to change it out,,

I don't think I would get either. Don't like Class D and Marantz in that price range is consumer grade and easilly bested. I do think you need to increase your budget a little but the increase in actual performance that you will get will easilly be heard.

IF I was to "increase my budget a little" what would you recommend?
Really not sure unless you can go 2500, then I would say go with the nad t775. It is much better than the nad you had. I would just keep away from class d receivers and the consumer stuff. Maybe a rotel? I had rotel before the pioneer elite. There's always anthem, just not sure of their prices. Good luck.
I have a Pioneer Elite 25. Upgraded from a Denon 3805. I'm very happy with the PE 25. It was much easier than the new Denons to set up. I have some ventilation issues so the D class amp helped. It sounds great to me, I know it's not really high end, but will do untill (if ever) I can afford the really high end stuff
I am currently considering the SR7005 as well as i like all the features, but I'm considering the anthem MDX that are right within that price range, with a bit less features available
I haven't heard a class D amp I didn't like, albeit I've only listened to two, bel canto evo-6 and ref 1000 mkii. I have a Marantz SR 7200 purchased in 2002 which was recommended by a sound engineer as an excellent preamp for the price with ok amps thrown in.