Marantz SR6006 HDMI switching problem

I have just gotten my second Marantz SR6006 from Magnolia and have the same issue with both receivers...thought the first one was defecetive but since the EXACT same issue is happening I don't think it's a defect...the weird thing is the second one worked just fine for a couple of days before the issue began.

the problem is in the video switching...components attached:
Oppo BD93
Apple TV

all the components go into the receiver and then one HDMI cable goes to a Samsung 55"LCD.

now to the problem...which again just started last night on the second receiver I've gotten from the...once I choose the Directv input and I then change to any other input (BD, AppleTV or Xbox) then the VIDEO does not transmit to the LCD...I can still hear the audio through the speakers but all I get is a screen of static on the LCD wiht a flicker of what should appear every 5 or 6 seconds (literally just long enough to recognize what should be on the screen and then goes back to complete static).

if I START the receiver in BD, AppleTV or Xbox then I can go back and forth among those 3 with no's not until I go to the DirecTV input that the issue begins but once I have selected that input then all I get is static on the other inputs...the Directv input still works fine though. but it's not that particular input on the SAT input...I have moved the directv box to a different input (game or some other HDMI input) and the issue is still there.

here is where it gets even weirder...if I use the second HDMI output on the receiver (so switch inputs on the LCD) then SOMETIMES the video will transmit, sometimes not, and sometimes I get the video for 3 seconds, then a second of black screen then it comes back again...

Magnolia thinks something fried the video circuit, which is a possibility but it's just odd that the same thing is happening with both receivers... and really odd since the second one worked for a couple of days and then started this again last night (I yelled a few expletives at the LCD when I tried going to AppleTV and it started again...the one thing that I DID notice when it happened last night was the receiver became completely unresponsive right before it happened...would respond to the remote, turning the knobs on the front of the receiver, wouldn't even go into standby mode when I pressed the power button...I literally had to pull the power cable from the back of the receiver to get it to cut off and then this began again (but I don't recall this happening with the first one).

Everything is going through a Panamax line conditioner....I don't know if that could possibly be the issue but any idea what is causing this to happen?
Very odd indeed. Did you contact Marantz tech support?

Have you tried dices connecting all HDMI devices and then trying one at a time. It sounds like you have some debugging to do between the sources and the Marantz.

HDMI stinks and has problems. So I strongly suggest you prepare to go through debugging scenarios.
I had a similar problem with my Samsung 67 inch rear projection DLP TV. I also go through my Marantz AVR (SR7002) for all inputs and then to the TV via HDMI. When I switched from the Blu-Ray player after a movie to the DirecTV input, I got a snowy picture. Somehow the TV changed the input when I went through the AVR. I then had to go into the TV menu and manually change to the correct input(HDMI)on the TV. When I looked at the TV menu for input switching, I found that somehow it changed from automatically staying in the HDMI input to a AV1 input. I went into the TV menu under "Anynet", which is supposed to work for remote control and connecting Samsung branded devices. I found that the setting was "On". I changed it to "off" and have not had an issue since. Hope this helps.