Marantz SR5008 vs Cambridge Audio AZUR 650R

Hi...I just purchased a pair of Anthony Gallo reference 3.5's. I also purchased a Reference 3 SA amp to drive the 3.5's. In addition, I purchased the TR-1 sub and strada 2 centers and rear speakers. I am in a fix between the Marantz SR5008 (more bells and whistles, more modern) versus the older Cambridge Audio AZUR 650R. Any thoughts about what I ought to go in for would be much appreciated.
CA makes good CD players, amps prone to be troublesome.
I had 2 that were, other posts on here to that effect as well.
Thanks so much for your input Schubert. Much appreciated. To substantiate what you're saying, there seem to be youtube videos highlighting CA receiver problems too.
My vote would be to go with Marantz. CA items I had in the past sounded good but problems with tuner and receiver. Happy listening and viewing.
Thanks so much Glenhifi. That's what I'm going to do. Will post an update once I purchase the receiver.