Marantz SC7S2 preamp - any experiences..??

Being in situation to downgrade from Krell Evo 222, I consider the Marantz SC7S2 as possible mate for Evo 400 monos...

Pricewise (10k vs 8k dollars) it doesn't like a big compromise. Any experiences soundwise out there, especially some A/B comparison, if possible, will be appreciated.

I have no A/B experience with Krell, but can compare it with my other system using a Bel Canto DAC3 without a preamp into Nuforce driving Gamut L7s.

The Marantz was a step-up for me from a Rogue 99 Magnum. Other than the strange pin configuration, which seems completely unnecessary, the Marantz SC7S2, combined with the SA7S1 and SM11S1, is wonderful. Certainly eliminates the pin issue.

The Marantz reference system is the only way I could get Mark & Daniel Apollo II speakers to perform. Now they shine.