Marantz SC-7S2 solid state preamp- how good is it?

has anyone auditioned this reference preamp from Marantz and/or compared it to anything else at the ~$4k used price point? Any comments appreciated on how this stacks up- not may reviews out there...
I've only heard about 8 hrs of music on a new one that may not be broken in yet- 4 of those using a Carver power amp (tfm-15cb),the other four hours with the Ma-9s2 monoblocks.
So far (admittedly,not very) It has been noticeable mainly by it's absence.That is to say that it hasn't really drawn my attention-it's just there doing it's job. I'm thinking it's REALLY neutral sounding.

I’ve heard it under showroom conditions with the 9 monoblocks, and the sound was sublime. The dealer plugged in an Ayre preamp—forget the model—for the Marantz, and the sound suddenly became much more “hifi-ish,” for lack of a better word. Just not as musical or involving. Judging by that experience, I think the Marantz is a winner and worth your consideration.
thanks guys- good comments- the (few) reviews I have read seem to always pair it in the context of a 'full Marantz' system (with the MA-9S2 monoblocks)- was wondering how it was with other amps as well...
Hooper characterized the sound of the Marantz system as sublime-precisely the word a friend used to describe it a couple of days ago.
I don't know what speakers you are using, but with the Dynaudio's (which some refer to as "clinical- sounding")
the synergy seems very good.
In re: other amps, the aforementioned Carver tfm-cb is the only other amp I've heard it with and I've never heard it sound better.
I have owned this Marantz 4 years now and it is without doubt the best solid state preamp I owned or heard in 30 years in this hobby. Does it all and is so balanced and transparent with ultra low noise and distortion. Use it with my K-01 Esoteric SACD player and the McIntosh 402 amp. Speakers Dynaudio Confidence and Quads. Each sound excellent and both totally different technology's. if you can find one used buy it. 70 ohm output means it will work with almost any amp on the market. 

The 7 years I spent with my pair of SC-7S2’s, yes I run then mono, the MA-9S2’s, and SA-7S1 mated to M/L CLX’s with 2 Decent i’s where great sonic times for me. Until I had an uninvited guest come calling well I was out. Would have gone into retirement with these.

As I recall the thing I remember was the appsense of the electronics in the room if you will. Build the whole system you will be happy.

I realize the last post was almost 3 years ago, but i'm considering purchasing one. My concern is with the XLR inputs/outputs. Are they reversed? Designed to work optimally with other Marantz gear? My source is a North Star Sapphire which performs best in balanced mode. Has anyone had issues when using non Marantz components with the SC-7S2?