Marantz sacd-redbook failure??

Has anyone had issues with older marantz sacd
players failing to read redbook cd,I have sa-14
that will play sacd-barly,,but no read on redbook
any input or diagnosis??????
For what it's worth, my first and second (replacement) Marantz SA 8260 was crappy at playing SACDs from day one. Some would take a while to read the TOC while others would never play at all. Nevermind that my $150 Samsung DVD/CD/SACD digests anything you feed it. But I hung on to play those SACDs that would work, as well as my CDs.

Over time, it's gotten progressively worse at playing redbook and I think it's crapped out completely as of this weekend. First, it inexplicably stopped spinning in the middle of one CD. Then on another, it kept spinning but the audio just became a series of stuttering white noise.

Oh, another "fun" thing. . .now, pressing the Open button causes the player to power down. Nice build quality there Marantz!

I have NEVER owned a more disappointing piece of gear in my life. Sure it only cost $900 but for that price it ought to do the minimum of what it was designed to do. Would I spend the roughly $250 to $350 that it will cost to maybe fix this POS? No way.