Marantz SA8400: SACD Filter

I've recently bought a Marantz SA8400 sacd player (not to be confused with the DV8400 universal player) and am wondering about the 'sacd selectable filter', a switch on the back which can be set to 'standard' or 'custom' (with 'standard' as default).

Reading the manual, it appears the 'custom' switch allows higher freqencies to pass through the analog output but warns that this can damage the amp and/or speakers if they're not able to cope with the signal. Can anyone tell me whether my Marantz SR9300 receiver will handle the higher signal? I also have Elac 207.2 speakers which are rated up to 50Khz - will they be okay?

I'd hate to experiment and ruin the receiver and/or speakers! Thanks.
I have the SA-14, and I place mine on custom.
I did the same with sa8260. I didn't hear any difference - but somehow it just felt more open.
After much thought, I have placed the filter on my SA-14 on "custom". I have a musical fidelity A300 amp pushing avalon speakers. There were no sparks and no damage to my gear.

I found the "custom" sound to be "different" but I am not sure that it is really "better".

Anyhow, I have left it and have since forgotton about it and carried on listening to the music.

I wonder if that warning exists as a CYA in the event that the digital source is feeding really old or really underbuilt/underdesigned gear? My Philips SACD-1000 has the same switch, and I've been running it in the equivalent to the Marantz custom configuration all along. So far nothing has blown up...