marantz sa8004 or oppo bdp95

I am looking for a new cd-sacd player as I have some sacd I wish to play. I had an older inexpensive sony sacd player that died. I replaced it with a cambridge azur 640c thats ok but would like a warmer sound. I am considering either a marantz sa8004 or oppo 95, has anbody heard and compared these two players. My system is rogue metis preamp,vicent sp331 power amp and von schweikert vr-3 speakers. thank you
A sony or oppo unit from modwright. Here is the link

I have no affiliation with the company.

thanks for the response, but would like to keep it in the 1000 dollar price range. I would really like a comparison between the two mentioned players. normk
I have the SA8003 which was one generation before the 8004. I think the 8004 adds DAC inputs but is similar.

I thought the 8003 was very warm and very slow. I did end up modifying the unit by swapping out some caps and that improved the speed tremendously.

I think the Oppo sounds better. The transport isn't as "sturdy" as the one in the Marantz but I find it reads just about everything. I have 4 copies of Brothers in Arms on SACD because 2 of them appear as regular CD on the Marantz. One intermittently appears as an SACD and only one appears CONSISTENTLY as an SACD. All 4 are read as SACDs on the Oppo.
I really like the Marantz. Here is a recent review of it:

It's as good as he says it is.