Marantz SA8001 vs SA8260, and SA8001 mod questions

First of all,
I was just wondering how the new Marantz SA8001 compares sonically with the old Marantz SA8260?
Which is overall sonically superior?
Who all does mods to the Marantz SA8001?
What are the biggest sonic weaknesses of the stock Marantz SA8001?
Thanks for your help!
i had both. THe 8001 is a tad more transparent, has better treble definition but is not as warm and romantic as the 8260. The rock sold transport was a huge improvement!!
I liked the 8001 alot. Very high value player.

I would say the biggest "weakness" is maybe it's just not as refined as much better players?? That's tough to measure, eh? Pick one up for the low prices they are now, and simply put it back in circulation if you don't like it.