Marantz SA11S3

I just bought the SA11S3 and I am very pleased with the sound. It replaced a Sony ES 5400 which is no slouch. As good as the Sony is, the Marantz just sounds better. No buyers remorse here. I have a couple of questions.              
1. I'm currently running single ended cable. Is there any advantage going balanced line? It's being used with the Marantz PM11S3 amp.
2. When not in use should I leave it on all time or should I put it in standby and let it warm up for a half hour or so before I listen? 
I know the standard answer is "Try it both ways and see which sounds better" and I can't argue with that. I'm just curious as to what other owners are doing. Thanks.

I own a Marantz SA11S3 SACD player and love the sound of it. Very natural sounding and analog sounding. Tried many players and dacs over the years and many tended to be bright and over bearing to my ears. For the 4K price I find the Marantz SA11S3 to be a great bargin. It sounds great in SACD, CD and even the USB input using my Ipad. Very happy with the purchase and thinking about buying another one, that's if I can find one. Most places are out of stock or backordered on the Marantz SA11S3.

I do have the same question that Audiogon member "jgandy" posted in this forum on 4-25-16.

How do you tell if the Standby Mode is in effect on the S11S3.  I have  activated it according to instructions but the display shows as if totally turned off  ?

To add to his question. I know it's in standby but there is not light or display light showing the Marantz SA11S3 is off or standby. Unless you turn on the CD function off the remote control.

Please advise with the lack of standby light on the SA11S3.

Thank you for your help.


you may want to look into the avail of parts/service for the AMR and Reimyo spinners prior to any purchase.
don't blow a fuse-OP...

For the price of a new Marantz SA11s3 would anyone one recommend to buy a USED AMR CD77 or Reimyo CDP777 .

Would these latter cdps have better overall sound quality.

Got a big library of cd so I have no intention of re-buying albums in SACD.
Hello there, I've had the SA11S3 for about a month now and absolutely love it.
I am thinkng of getting erither SA11S3 OR DP550. Anyone can share your thoughts ? Thanks.

Anyone comparison with Accuphase DP550 or DP410?
How do you tell if the standby mode is in effect on the S11S3.  I have  activated it according to instructions but the display shows as if totally turned off.
Actually, they do make a 2.5 amp small slo blo.  Why would I want to put in a 3 amp for the power fuse.
I finally got it off, how do I get it back on?
Anyone using a UD9004 ?

That is one approach that works to move the lid back the 1/2 inch and then lift it up and off.

I hope the Marantz readers of this thread will try a Synergistic Research Black fuse at the main fuse location. The sonic improvement is worth the effort to get that darn lid off.

David Pritchard
Any comparison to the DV-9500/9600 ?
How do I use the flat screwdriver to pry it back.  Do I install screwdriver in the back where there is are two lipped areas?
Our audio systems are links in a chain. We would not want any weak links (at least I do not).  Happy Listening!
Actually, replacing a fuse with a better fuse makes all the sense in the world.  How much do we spend on power cables? Yet it all goes on through a 10cent fuse, please.... It makes perfect sense and SHOULD make a difference.  I would have replaced mine long time ago.  I just cannot get the damn lid off

The Marantz SA11-S1 does not have a user replaceable main power fuse. It is hardwired into the circuit. It does have a total of 5 rail fuses that go to each subsection of the player. The player sounds better with these fuses upgraded. You can replace them one at a time. 


Your Marantz will sound better if always left on. The DAC chip - circuit takes a long time to 100% stabilize. Antelope brand DAC's used in the recording studio are always left on, as even a broken in unit will take three days to stabilize.

Marantz equipment responds very well to fuse upgrades, especially to the Synergistic Research Black fuse. The system improvement I believe from this fuse is greater than going to balanced cables. Been there - prefer unbalanced in my Marantz systems.

If any Marantz users are still using regular home construction wall outlets, I hope you will try either the Furutech GTX-R outlet or the Synergistic Research Teslaplex SE outlet. Both will allow the Marantz players and amps to reach their full sonic potential. The Synergistic Research outlets are less costly and sold with a thirty day money back trial.

Marantz makes some great equipment - enjoy.

David Pritchard
Thank you for staying on topic. I appreciate it. I think you may be on to something. I tried balanced cables (same cable as my unbalanced) and the unbalanced did sound slightly better. The way I understand it there should be a 6db difference in output between a truly balanced system as opposed to an unbalanced system. The output with the XLR's was the same as with the rca's which leads me to believe the Marantz isn't truly balanced. The manual gives the output as 2.4 v unbalanced, but it doesn't show any spec for balanced. I think it's possible that the XLR's are on the amp and cd player just for convenience.
Marantz is designed for & actually specs better w/ standard phono connects. Unless you have a long run between them stay with rca's.
Alright OP. Don't blow a fuse now. On 2/24 you did show some interest in fuses. And on the same day, looks like all your questions were answered. This might very well be a good Marantz SA-11S3 thread for future owners. It has fuses - right? If your question is not answered, you can request members to get back on topic. But please don't scream (CAPS On above) and feel that you own this forum.
This thread is about balanced vs unbalanced and standby vs leave it on. I DON'T RECALL ASKING ANYTHING ABOUT FUSES!
David, is the replacement main power fuse on the Marantz SA11S1 
the same as the S2 , a 3 amp Black SR fuse?
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As an added bonus the Synergistic Research fuses are sold with a thirty day return policy!

Enjoy that fabulous Marantz sound.

David Pritchard
Yes it is fascinating that the right fuse can have a significant effect on the sound, but it does. I believe you will be very happy with putting in a Synergistic Research "Black" fuse.

David Pritchard
I saw the long thread on Synergistic Red Fuse but haven't opened it up but it still blows me away a fuse can improve the sound. In what way not sure but I am willing to try it :)

I think you will be quite happy putting in a Synergistic Research Black fuse in your Marantz. Leave your unit on 24/7. After about 100 hrs, the unit will really sound good.

David Pritchard
David thank you very much for the detailed description. Looks like I need to try one at least the main fuse. 
There are seven fuses in the Marantz SA11-S2.
All are small -slow blow. 
All are inside the Player'
So you have to remove the top lid to replace the fuses.
At the back of the player there are 3 screws along the top edge. Remove screws. Slide the lid back about 1/2 inch. It will not want to slide towards the back. You will have to use a thin flat screwdriver to pry it backwards. You will feel it loosen and then you can lift it straight up and off.

Main fuse on is on far left side (looking from front of player) -2.5 amp. Substitute a 3 amp fuse.
There are six rail fuses to various sub circuits.
Two are 1.6 amp
One is 1.25amp
Three are 1 amp

I suggest using 1.6 amp fuses in these locations.
The main power fuse has the greatest single effect.
The other six fuses do add additional improvement.

David Pritchard
Can anyone tell me what size fuses and how many needed in the SA11-S2?
Before you start auditioning - changing cables I do suggest replacing the main fuse on the Marantz with a Synergistic Research "Black" fuse. 

This upgrade has improved the sound of my three Marantz players! They are sold with a 30 return policy. There is a long thread in the Amplifier forum with the positive results of these fuses.

David Pritchard

For cables, I'm using upper-end Jena Labs with my SA-7S1. Out of the many cables I've tried over the years, the Jena synergizes the best with the player--at least to MY ears. But there are plenty of other great choices too.

Thanks! for sharing- All.

I am in this position as well, Sony ES or Marantz, for SACD playback.

Which brand(s) of cabling are you guys using?

Thanks to everyone who responded. It looks like balanced is the way to go. I ran the Sony single ended for two reasons.
1. It seems like the Sony's balanced output is BINO( balanced in name only) and most people seemed to prefer the single ended output.
2. While most balanced connections have pin 2+ and pin 3-, the Marantz amp has the opposite, pin2- and pin 3+. I know there are ways to work around the polarity issue, but the Sony sounded so good single ended I just didn't want to mess with it. 
You can reverse the polarity of the Marantz SACD so that is no longer an issue. As far as replacing the power fuse I've only heard positive things. That is something I may do somewhere down the road. For now I want to get used to the sound with the balanced cable. Thanks again for your help.



Congratulations on the new Marantz player . Owning three Marantz SACD players, I also like the Marantz "sound". To take your player to a higher level consider replacing the main power fuse with a Synergistic Research "BLACK "brand fuse. I heard I significant improvement in sound with the upgraded fuse.

Enjoy your new system.

David Pritchard
That unit has a standby mode and that's where it should be set when not spinning a disk. If don't have any XLR cables and wish to try something, contact me. 
I agree that going balanced is likely the best way in your situation. I run all-balanced with my SA-7S1, and IMO it definitely sounds better than single-ended. Purer and slightly darker backgrounds.

Other than when I go out of town, my player has been left fully on every day for the last six years. But if you want to leave it in Standby when not listening, that's fine too. It's a personal choice.
I have the same cd player, but the rest of my system differs a lot (using dac/preamp/power amps *2). So i am using the coaxial output to go to my dac/preamp which makes better analysis.
In your system, by all means you should use the XLR option, which will give you without a doubt better results. A more controlled sound, with less distortion at higher volumes, which in return let you appreciate a more neutral and refined sound. Usually tighter bass and open medium and highs. Both your components are great stuff, using the XLR will let appreciate the greater part. Hope to have helped.