Marantz SA11S3

I just bought the SA11S3 and I am very pleased with the sound. It replaced a Sony ES 5400 which is no slouch. As good as the Sony is, the Marantz just sounds better. No buyers remorse here. I have a couple of questions.              
1. I'm currently running single ended cable. Is there any advantage going balanced line? It's being used with the Marantz PM11S3 amp.
2. When not in use should I leave it on all time or should I put it in standby and let it warm up for a half hour or so before I listen? 
I know the standard answer is "Try it both ways and see which sounds better" and I can't argue with that. I'm just curious as to what other owners are doing. Thanks.

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Thanks! for sharing- All.

I am in this position as well, Sony ES or Marantz, for SACD playback.

Which brand(s) of cabling are you guys using?

Our audio systems are links in a chain. We would not want any weak links (at least I do not).  Happy Listening!
Any comparison to the DV-9500/9600 ?
Anyone using a UD9004 ?
don't blow a fuse-OP...

you may want to look into the avail of parts/service for the AMR and Reimyo spinners prior to any purchase.