? Marantz Sa11s CD transport noise

I have a new Sa11s cd/sacd player. when playing CDs the transport is dead quiet. On SACD transport is much louder. At the beginning of the SACD You can hear the transport when there is pause in the music. As you get to the middle of the disk the transport sound is bearly noticable if you turn the volume down and put your ear close to the player. Is this normal or is there a problem with my unit. Sound on SACD is amazing, knock your socks off sound quality compared to CD
I have one and I have noticed this as well. I think this is a known issue with this player. I have not had any problems with the player so I do not think that there is anything wrong with yours. I completely agree with you about the sound of this player when playing SACDs.
Hi, I was on the phone with Customer service D&M holdings
in New Jersey. I was told by tech rep he talked to National trainer & National sales manger that the unit was defective and unit is being returned to selling dealer for replacement.WE will see if second unit is better..