Marantz SA11 owners, what balanced IC are u using?

anyone recommend an excellent balanced IC for this player for under $500? thanks
On my SA14, I use a rediculously inexpensive interconnect:
The balanced Apollo A from Silent Audio. It beat out anything that I've tried under $1000. They are great to deal with in addition to their great product.

compared the Apollo As to? It's funny you say that a $325 balanced IC is rediculously inexpensive. What have this world come to? You can still buy a decent CD player for that amount. To me, rediculously inexpensive cables that sound great are Signal Cables. You can buy their IC for under a $100. But I've been eyeing the Nordost Red Dawn XLRs, which can be had for about $250-300 for 0.6m pair on the internet. What do you think?
A friend of mine compared the nonbalanced Apollo A's to his Nordost Quatro's. He was impressed with the fantastic detail, but needed the shielding of his Nordost.

DrrDiamond, I'm confused. Your friend was impressed with the fantastic detail of the Nordost Quattros or Apollo A's? Was the Nordost balanced? How did he shield the Nordost? Thanks.

Dr. Diamond's friend was impressed with the detail of the Apollo's, but had some RFI issues due to his proximity to a radio station (as I recall). The Quattrofil's are Nordost's reference level shielded interconnect, and are a great cable.

If you would like to know more about the Apollo's, feel free to send us an email! (