Marantz SA 8260 Disc Error

I am on my second Marantz SA 8260 and have several discs that it simply won't read, or errors out on during listening. This is restricted to SACDs listening only--it is fine with Redbook CDs and the CD layer of SACDs.

It does appear to be consistent with certain SACDs (Peter Gabriel/Up and a couple of others), so I've discounted the hardware as being purely faulty. Nevertheless, it's a bit frustrating.

Anyone else with this problem, and if so, have you been able to isolate the cause?
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If you check past threads you will find that you need a new transport and software upgrade. I had to do this with my 8260.
Here is a link to a thread with similar issues:
I have faced this issue with 1 SACD till date - Patricia Barber's Modern Cool (MoFi). The other SACDs that I have play fine on any layer.

What s/w upgrades are available? Can the user do the s/w upgrade or do you have to send the player to Chicago service center? Are all your SACD/CDs playing fine now?
I tried an 8260 this past summer from Archive Audio and had a similar problem and I sent it back. The player gave me "error" messages with any CD which had a navcom band (remember those)around the edge and it also locked up on my Telarc "Epics" SACD in the middle of the track. When I removed the disc it had some small liquid spots on the play side which weren't there originally. My experience was not good with this player so I purchased a Denon 2910.
Thanks for the responses, as well as the AA link. Sadly, this seems like a design/build issue and one I'll probably end up having to live with. Will keep me away from any future Marantz purchases, though.
I had one disc that would not play, I replacede that disc with new one no problems at all.
Milpai, sorry about the late reply. Yes, I had to send it back to the Chicago repair center, working fine now.
Sns, no problem. But good to know that your player is fine now. Enjoy your music :-)
I've had more problems with my 8260 than any other piece of equipment I have ever bought.