Marantz SA 8005 break in

I recently purchased the Marantz SA 8005 SACD player. I've been breaking it in for a few days. There is a persistent treble harshness that so far isn't improving. Any thoughts on how long the break in period might be or has anyone had any problems with the treble being especially prominent and somewhat harsh?
Good 100 hrs of actual playing time - not just leaving it on... 300 hrs should be fully cooked. Marantz players are anything but harsh so just give it some time. If you’re using the stock power cord, throw it back in the box. Don’t have to spend a lot on a cord. Kimber PK10 Gold is a nice cord on Marantz players, and they come up used often.
Agree with the above.  If anything, Marantz players tend to roll off the top end.  If the harshness persists after the break in time I would send it for servicing

Break-in time is a custom ill-defined non-standard variable.

My REGA ISIS Valve cdp took over 350-400+ hours (lost count) in a continuing non-linear series of performance changes and intermittent plateaus before I could finally say it was as smooth as ice over glass.

IMO for sure, just a nominal couple of days and maybe even up to a minimal 100 hours of break-in time won’t cut it to permit the spinner to settle in.

..., patience, patience ....


independent of of the above, try warming up the whole system first by turning it on for a couple of hours first before you crank it up. Do I find a noticeable difference in taming any "edge" / sibilance / harshness blah blah by doing so my system, yes.

+1 on the prior post re: swap-out of any crap stock power cord and a swap-in if a better quality build one. Experiment with them to weed out the contenders from the pretended... They all have their sonic signature .
What are you running the SACD player with in terms of pre, amp and speakers?

Also, are you in an apartment? They tend to have the worst power issues. :)


I did replace the AC cable. It's the first thing I do. Conrad Johnson LS17 pre, Odyssey Audio monoblocks, Soundlabs speakers. Not in an apartment. I'll certainly give it more time. Thanks for the information and advice.

When I had my SA-8004, it had that treble hardness for the 2 years I owned it.  The player probably had at least 2000 hours on it and that treble harshness never went away.  I sold it and bought an Esoteric instead.  There was no break in time with the Esoteric as it sounded incredible right out of the box and still sounds the same incredible to this day.

When I had the SA-8004 I kept asking myself  "how did this player get all those rave reviews".  I have found that if I am not enamored with the sound on first listen, I will never like it.

Get yourself a CD6005 for CDs…it's a great player with zero harshness, just smooth, enjoyable sound.
I preordered my SA-8005 so I have had it in my system since its release.  One of the reasons I bought the layer was the Marantz reputation for "musical" components.  Read... smooth treble, soundstage at speaker plane and behind with great detail, but again smoothness of texture and a treble that is on the forgiving side.  

Things to consider
1) quality of interconnects
2) is the player leveled properly
3)  clean AC?

If you have paid attention to the set up and ancillaries then perhaps there is something wrong with your player.  I have been through over a half dozen disc spinners and this is easily the Most musical of all.  I replaced a CD player that cost $1599 with the Marantz. No going back!

Please report back.  I hope we can figure out what is amis.