Marantz Sa-15 S2 vs marantz sa-11 s2

does anyone compare this 2 cd and say what is the best price value for me. My system: mcintosh ma-6500, canton ergo 695 speaker.
IMO ,if you dedided on only those two and no other options, buy used as both have poor resale value.Dealers are blowing the 11s2 out,maybe a new model in the horizon??I think list on the 11s2 is 3500 and one can be bought new w/warranty for about 2 grand.
Anyone using these spinners?
I'm using the SA-15S2b and love what I hear. I have no experience with the SA-11s2 so I can't comment on this. 

Marantz tends to do nice upgrades to their newer models (more digital inputs and maybe incorporating streaming) so it's kind of a crapshoot as to whether to get the Sa-11S2 for what seems to be a great price or wait and pay full boat for something that maybe takes a sideways stance on sound but offers more features. Personally, if I were just spinning sliver discs I'd go for the heavily discounted model.

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