Marantz SA-14S1 or Vinvent CD-S7-DAC

If you had the chance to own either , which would you choose and why
Well you probably already know that I would lean towards the Marantz for two reasons. First of all, I have heard Marantz CDP's, owning a SA-11S1, and I like them quite a bit. I sold a couple of more expensive CDP's when I bought my Marantz SA-11S1 about 6 years ago. Now I haven't heard the Vincent, so this basically is a bird in the hand analysis.

The second reason that I would go with the Marantz is because of it's SACD capabilities. That was the key for me keeping this unit over an $8K BAT CDP, the Marantz sounded as good as the BAT on redbook, but offered the ability to play SACD as well. Not all SACD's are exceptional, but there are many very good ones that will better any redbook cd.

They both offer USB connectivity, which is a plus, but the Marantz has the flexibility of front and rear USB ports. As always, YMMV.
i reviewed bot of these players on .

the marantz review is available on the web site now, but the vincent review must be accessed in the archive section, on the right side of the front page.

here is my take.

strictly from a sonic point of view, the two players are polar opposites.

the marantz is highly resolving and ruthlessly revealing of poor recordings. there is no liquidity and ot sounds like a good solid state component. it is very dynamic and spacious. but, I think that to some extent it exaggerates the detail and is not musical.

the vincent has a slight tube sound. it is not overly euphonic or soft, but it has some tube warmth. its tube circuit is sensitive, so rolling tubes can get you a more classic tube sound.

obvious, the marantz is more versatile. it is a difficult choice.

although i reviewed both of them, i would not buy either.

there is another player i just reviewed. it will appear on the website shortly. i can't say what it is, but i am probably going to buy it. if this thread is up, i will tell you the name of the player and why i intend to buy it.
Even though I have the Marantz SA-15S2b and find it quite musical (it can and does lull me into reverie), the anticipation is killing me. :-)

All the best,
Is the ability to play SACD's important to you, or are you just interested in redbook audio quality.

Remember, these are all opinions and your opinion is the most important. We all have our own preferences;>)
11-11-13: Tom6897
Is the ability to play SACD's important to you, or are you just interested in redbook audio quality.

Remember, these are all opinions and your opinion is the most important. We all have our own preferences;>)
Actually i would like a player that does both SACD and Redbook, but it does not HAVE to play SACD .
I really do not have any SACD ,but do have some DVD-Audio that i play through an OPPO DV-981 HD.
The aspect that i really like about both is that they can be used as a DAC. I would like to find a great cd player that can be used as a DAC, which seems to be the trend these days
I like the inputs on the Marantz which give you Toslink Coaxial and USB Asynchronous and regular USB. I'll wait to hear what you are reviewing Mrtennis.
When will the review be posted ?
I would like to know your opinion on the comparison between the Marantz SA-14S1 and the Oppo BDP-105, if you got a chance to listen to CD/SACDs on both these players.

BTW, nice review on

I have an oppo 83se modified by dan wright. I have not heard the 105. the "mystery" SACD player should be up on the audiophilia web site soon. I sent the review to my editor.
my review of the mystery SACD player, the TEAC CD-3000, is up on the web site .
The pic for the Marantz player, in your review, shows the silver colored SA14.
Is that the color of the Marantz that you had in your home or are they only available in black?
my review sample was black. evidently my editor thought the champagne color would be more attractive.
Ok, I cannot help my self no longer!, Mr tennis, I will say you do not know how to get the best sound out of a vincent cd-s7!, Lets get that out of the way!, Most seasoned audiophiles know you would have to spend in the excess of $10,000.00 to better a direct to amp connection like the vincent cd-s7 offers, thats if you want a pure sound of a single source, there is absolutly no way and impossible for any marantz or the teac cd-3000 can better the sound by using a pre-amp in the cost range someone would have to buy to match the cost point of the marantz and the teac!, think about it, another circuit board for the singnal to go thru!, this dilutes the signal purity badly!, thats why Wadia was so famous for not having the pre-amp to have to use!,also the Esoteric K line players use a direct to amp connection as well, there is a huge difference with my exsperience with the vincent cd-s7 direct to amp compaired to using with a pre-amp!, also I will add that most pre-amps add their own sound to the mix that can ruin a great tone like the vincent cd-s7 has!, I know that most audiophiles use pre-amps, there is alot of us that do not!, the teac you are looking at, the cd-3000 is likly a good player with a pre-amp for the money, BTW, what does it retail for?, I went to the Teac website, It said that the Esoteric brand of engineers voiced this player, great!, why would you buy this instead of getting the Esoteric k-07 player, that is the bottom of the line model that is alot better!, back to the vincent player, this player is extremely resonance tunning friendly!, you can change the sound to your listening preferances by simply tunning with tunning cones underneath the player and useing a light weight small phone book on top to move around to better the sound!, I have done all of this, I will also say that the cables and amp, speakers, power cords etc... matters as well, direct to amp with my system, I have NEVER heard more body and deep impactfull bass and a sound stage to die for in my entire life at this cost point!, I am sure their is better, I would say thousands of dollars for a pre-amp, and thousands of dollars more for a cd-player to be good enough to compensate going thru a pre-amp!, I felt the vincent was unfairly dis- respected here when in fact, If you use the vincent cd-s7 to get the best possible sound out of it that I exsposed here, Its a hands down better performing set-up than all that is listed here by a very large margin!
hi audiolabyrinth:

for the second time, I did not say the Marantz sounded better than the Vincent.

I said the Vincent had a touch of tube warmth. read my review on

I own a Vincent cd s6. I have tube rolled. I know how good the Vincent can sound. I replaced the tubes in the Vincent cd s7 dac. I heard the changes.

if you are carping about my use of a tube preamp, then, we agree to disagree.

I trust my ears more than yours.
Hi Mrtennis, Rest assured,your ears should matter to you most!, I also need to add this to my review above, The vincent cd-s7 out of the box sounds listenable, however, The sound intergrates to its best and the bass is finally realized at 500 hours of burn-in time with playing music only to settle the unit to its full potential, my family was shocked and we were all supprised when this incredible bass with slam came thru, we got so excited, we invited numerous listeners over to hear the difference, they was in awe as we were!, Mrtennis, I enjoy your write-ups and the equipment you expose me to, I never knew Teac provided a player that would be cited as having a good sound, I might add, Its a beutiful player too!,I can see your point on wanting to use a solid state player on a tube pre-amp, tubes on tubes does not facy me!, I am not downing your pre-amp at all mrtennis, I am saying, unless you have one of the state of the art pre-amps out there, this cannot surpass the direct connection of the vincent player that is talked about here, I also stated above that all cables, power amp, power cords, speakers play a roll in the sound I have gotten out this player, The rule of thumb thats known about cables is that they are system dependent, The same can be said about componets, what may work in my and many other audiophiles systems may not work to a great sound in yours,Mrtennis, We both know its a trial by error with this hobby, I look forward to more of your write ups, I would like to read your write up of the teac here on this thread only if its talking about the merrits of its sound, not others, cheers.
regarding the teac, i find it uncolored. i listened to holly coles' recording of DON'T SMOKE IN BED, track 1 and heard a lot of sibilance. then I listened to a reference recording, of Liszt's Mephisto Waltz--a Reference Recording Release, and i heard a smooth string section.
Listening to other recordings, revealed a player capable of presenting space, dynamics, and natural timbre, when these attributes were on the recording.

so, I would say that while it lacks warmth and liqudity, it is fairly true to the sound of the recording.
@ Mrtennis, Thankyou for the info of sound of the Teac, What is the cost of the player?
the player retails for $2000.
Mrtennis, thats not a bad price at all!, likly a good player for someone that is using more tube componets than solid state componets, yep, the good ole balancing act to get a particular sound, in my case, I will use tube digital, untill of course I find a solid state player that sounds like the real musical event, soul!,I really have not been overly impressed with todays digital!, then when I do here something that catches my attention, they want enough money for that digital source to buy a house!, I am tring to build a state of the art system here, really beyond what I can afford seems like, oh no, I do not want to, just to get what works for me other than the vincent cd-s7 that may be temporary, It cost so much money, try over $60,000.00 so far, ouch!, at times I feel like this hobby is going to far!, ever get that feeling mrtennis?, cheers.
@ Mrtennis, Hi, I am currious to know what you have decided to use in your system for digital?
I have eliminated the Marantz. I have 100 hours left to break in the Vincent. so far it does not sound very tube like, with 400 hours. the teac is neutral and useful for reviewing.

I also have a ps audio perfect wave dac that is being repaired. when it has been repaired, I will compare the combo of ps audio perfect wave transport and dac to the tac.

there is a chance I may not purchase any of the cd players. I would like to get my hands on a luxman dn-10. I hear it is on the warm side of neutral.
Luxman,mmm, now you may be talking better high-end?, reread my previous post, follow what i have said, the vincent direct to amp with all else I said, the vincent is another animal!, cheers mrtennis, I enjoy talking to you!
hi audiolabyrinth:

the Luxman player sells for $1500 at music direct.

i will try your suggestion, naml connecting the vincent to the amp, within a few days.
I connected the Vincent, which now has about 500 hours directly to my vtl amps. it did not take very long for me to conclude, that my preamp added warmth and more extension in the bass.
I suppose that owning a krell gives me very good bass with the vincent, the vincent bested Ayon, cary,another krell cd player in the same price range, I am perplexed with your findings, have you done the tunning with a small phone book on top of the vincent?, move the book around, I got the best bass I have ever heard from this player at this cost point for digital, you may need to let the player have settle time running direct to amp, all changes I have ever done to a system needed settle time to perform it's best, I give everything I do alot of time to conclude my impressions, that way, there is no excuse for what I hear, another thought here is maybe we are going thru system dependency mrtennis, do you believe so, I do at this point, I look forward to what you have to say about the luxman player, I think it's cool that you are doing these comparisons, you are being an asset to us all!, Thankyou.
Does the Vincent CDP have an active gain stage? If not, your results do not surprise me, I've always been left wanting more with passive attenuation.
the vincent uses 1 12ax7 and 2 6922. perhaps one tube is for gain, the others, a buffer stage. the owner's manual does not specify.
The vicent cd-s7 has 12ax7 and 12au7 tubes, LOl!, not any 6922 tubes!, yes, there is a gain stage in the player.,My audio advisor catalog says this,,,bur-brown 1796 24/192 dacs,tubes in the output amplification stage consist of three 12ax7 tubes and one 12au7 tube,, the tube in the front window is used to power the headphone output,the cd-s7 has a 4-channel balanced analog amplifier, a solid state/tube hybrid player!, wima caps, m-caps, employed in the power circuit board,, A phillips vam 1202 transport, The vincent player reveals the wood of the grand piano and subtle nuances in the pluck of acoustic bass.,, front to back depth, seperation, sound staging, resolution,etc..., are you there breath taking, this is exactly what I hear on my system with this player! cheers.
the issue of tube complement may be moot, when you tube roll.

if you can find some nice sounding 6 and 12 volt tubes, the differences in sonics between the cd-s7 and the cd-s7 dac may be small.