Marantz SA-14 vs. Cary CDP-1??

My system consists of a Classe CA-200 amp and Classe CP-35 preamp. I have KEF 104/2 speakers and a Velodyne SPL1200 subwoofer. Any comments or recommendations on which of these 'used' units would sound better on this configured system? I've heard great things about the SA-14 but not much out there one way or the other about the Cary.
Well to start with the Marantz is an SACD player,the Cary is not.If SACD playback is in your plans,I think the answer is simple.The Cary is a fine redbook and HDCD player,I owned one before I went to SACD medium.
If you try the Exemplar revision of the Oppo 83 (not SE), you would try no others. It costs $2700. I heard it in Winston Ma's big buck listening room and was just amazed. I get mine soon.
Thanks...I should have clarified...I don't own any SACD's so I'm looking for a good 'redbook' player...doesn't matter if it is SACD or HDCD...they have one of each on Audiogon which is in my 'pricepoint', i.e. below $1K. The Cary is newer than the Marantz but I keep reading that the Marantz is an excellent 'redbook' player...I guess the question is which plays back 'redbook' better...this Cary or this Marantz?