Marantz SA-14 v.2 in United States?

Anyone know when this is going to be released in the United States. After months, I had just about settled on the Sony XA777ES, but then I heard version 2 of the SA-14 had been released in Japan. Since I am only interested in two-channel, I would like to audition before I purchase the Sony.

I have called Marantz, but have been unable to speak with anyone knowledgable

I am very interested in this player as well and would be interested in what differences, sonic and mechanical, that exist between the different versions, as well as the expected MSRP for the US, should it ever make it here!
I own the SA-14.

I heard (???) that the V2 would not be available in the US. I do not know if that is true.

When I first bought the SA-14, I was not totally happy with CD playback. Then I let it burn in for a LONG time and things improved, great robust sound that was very musical but lacked some of the refined inner detail of the Krell that it replaced. Then I did some research and was told that the Marantz is very susceptible to tweaking. With tweaking, I have gotten that detail, but still working on refining the set-up.

You might want to consider the SA-14 that is out there now. You can find it for almost 50% off.

I was told by the people at Marantz that it was not going to be sold in the US. The 2 channel SACD players is going away. That is why you see the SA14 discounted so heavily. I think it is a great player--especially at the reduced price.
Anyone know what type of customer support I could get in US if I purchased this player from Japan? - if not from Marantz, is there anyway to get repairs done, parts replaced, etc? It is available shipped from Japan at about 2K. Thanks.
Be careful buying overseas. Buyer pertection is a bigger problem.