Marantz SA-14 SACD Vs. Sony Models?

Have any of you Audiogoner's had a chance to compare the
sonic qualities, both SACD and CD, of the Marantz SA-14 to
any of the Sony SACD models, 1, 777 or 9000?
I'd also like to know- nobody is really comparing sacd's to each other yet!
Art Dudley in Listener has done some comparisons between the Sony 777 and 333 models and the Marantz. I'll relate what I remember, but my recollection could be off. If I recall correctly, he said the Marantz has meaningfully better CD playback than the Sonys. But he felt SACD playback was basically the same across all three models, or very close at any rate. I find that hard to believe.

Certainly he has good ears and is reliable, but I think his systems are not especially hi-rez in the contemporary sense.