Marantz Sa 14 SACD Trouble, Advice-Opinions Needed

The laser mechanism has died on my TRL modded Sa-14. The even worse news is that the laser is not made any more. Where to go now? The repair shop owner told me he has a Sony ES980 he would sell me. Any opinions on that player? I want something good but I really have not had the time to do dedicated listening the last two years due to work schedule changes. Most of my listening is kind of background now. I would appreciate any input. P.S. Right now I'm using a Marantz Professional Cd player/recorder and it sounds pretty good.
Buy a used SA14 and stick that laser into your modded unit
Have you contacted Marantz directly on this? They have factory authorized service centers. How old is your unit? Marantz offers a 3 year factory warranty. I would find it hard to believe that Marantz would not have a replacement laser even if it's not of the original version.
My repair man contacted Marantz and they told him they didn't have them. The unit was new in 01. I bought here on Audiogon about 2 years or so ago.
SA-14 Laser Assembly
RW, thanks!!!! I'll see if that's exactly what I need.
Let us know.