Marantz sa-11s3

Is the new Marantz sa-11s3 cd player out yet? It looks like it has the capability to play ipod. Anyone know anything about the DAC in it?
Looking at the sa-8004 also and curious if the sa-11s3 would really sound $2000-3000 better??
I have a Marantz sa11s1 and am considering the new s3. But its hard to find any reviews or opinions on it mainly because its so new. Any comments would be helpful. thanks
What is your opinion on the sa11-1 and what other gear do you have it paired with?
Mc, I have really enjoyed the sa11-1. I have used it with Pathos integrated mono-blocked and Cremora M speakers. Ive gotten to the point in my old age whee I really enjoy things a little smooth and the Marantz is certainly that. But it is still detailed enough for me. I did upgrade the fuses and I thought that made a big difference in its sound. Since I did that awhile back I've really enjoyed the player. The reason I'm interested in the 3 is its USB connection. The one caveat on the 1 is that I have been having trouble playing SACDs and have the player in for repairs. We'll see how that plays out.
What filter do you use for Redbook and SACD?
Sam, I generally use filter one. for redbook. I use filter two for sacd. but sometimes I leave it at one. I seem to prefer one a little more. But its really a matter of taste or what your ear is hearing at a particular time. There was a time when I liked two for everything.
Thanks Rudge. I agree I used to prefer 2 for Redbook and now seem to enjoy filter 1 better. I really think it depends on the recording quality of the CD. I use filter 1 for SACD.

I have the SA11-S2 but will consider the S3 as it has more digital inputs and outputs. Waiting for some comments on how it sounds and comparisons with previous models.
I have the S3 for several weeks now. It is planed as a source for the third and smallest stereo set up. Just out of curiosity I paced it on the number 2 set up. The is S3 is an incredibly good player, no matter weather it plays CD, SACD (SACD sounds wonderful and with this player you actually see the superiority of SACD over CD as a format) and hi-res files over the USB-B port. Anyone who is interested into buying a digital player even double the budget of the S3, should take it into consideration. It has perfect depth and layering of the music, you really get a sense of an endless stage. Usually I read that Marantz player do not have many details...not this player. It has so money details, that I can actually hear the mistakes in some productions that slipped the producers. The key thing in serving all those details is extreme musicality. You can continue to listen to it for hours and hours without the slightest sense of fatigue. The sound is rich & full. You instantly get the meaning of the term “holographic presentation” is almost visible how each instrument and voice is positioned and presented.
The biggest problem of this player is actually the brand. I have many friends that look down on Marantz as a brand, but believe me the S3 is truly a high-end device that under another brand will cost at least double the budget. Explaining how some component sounds is a very personal thing and sometimes very hard to do. That is why if you have a chance to audition this source, especially in your system, do not miss it! This goes even for those who aim much higher with their budgets.
To all posters: So how does the Marantz sa-11s3 compare to other cd players that you have heard in your system(s)?
"The one caveat on the 1 is that I have been having trouble playing SACDs and have the player in for repairs. We'll see how that plays out."

I had the same issue with my SA11-s1. Thi issue was the laser assembly needed to be replaced, but it was only just over $200 to do so - well worth it on this great player!
Sorry about my sidetrack here...

How does the SA15S2 Limited Edition compare to the SA11-S3 on redbook (because I have zero SACD software) and through its RCA outputs (because my preamp only has RCA inputs)?

If their redbook CD performance is close enough, then I can save money on the features I don't need.

Review here:
Marantz SA-11S3 Review
The price of SA-11S3 is aboout twice that of SA-15S2-LE, and with the law of diminishing return setting in...

How would you rate a ratio of the smaller sibling's CD sound to that of the big brother? 65%? 75% 80%?...

I know this question is moot, so just a ballpark % of fellow forumers' feel here.
Hi all for what its worth figure I would chime in Just received my new SA-11S3 it was on sale(open box)for $3200.00 Including shipping at Music Direct It replaces my 10-year old Shanling T200 SACD player from what I am hearing so far this truly is one amazing SACD player and I am sure will get even better as it breaks in .
Please keep us posted on your impression of sa3. What other gear do you have?

Cobra- keep us posted as your S3 breaks-in...
I was wondering if anyone out here has compared this Marantz to the Oppo BDP-105 for the SQ. These 2 players are on my shortlist. But I wonder if the Marantz is worth the extra $$$ over the Oppo, while not having the latest DAC, cannot do DSD or other audio formats.