Marantz SA-11S1 or M/F A3CD with M/F A324 DAC

I currently have a Musical Fidelity A3 CDP coupled with their A324 DAC (circa 2002). The A324 has their choke regulation incorporated, touted as a superior means of reducing noise.

I want to move up to a good SACD player and have been seriously considering the Marantz SA11S1.

From a CD perspective, what is the opinion on the improvement of the Marantz over my M/F combination? Significantly improved? Mildly improved? or Not as good?

Curious on the opinions out there.

Well IMHO, the Marantz would be a significant improvement, but then I have to admit that the Musical Fidelity sound is not for me.

The Marantz will be richer, more vibrant, more tonally accurate, IMO. The MF is probably more dynamic and transparent, but it sounds too lean and/or thin for my tastes. YMMV.