Marantz SA-11S1 Drawer Will Not Open Properly

Hello hope someone can steer me in the right direction or help. My Marantz CD/SACD player drawer will not open. It wants to as I can hear it trying to but the only way to open is to grab the drawer on both sides after hitting the open button and gently force or manually open it. What can cause this issue? Is it a software issue or something else possibly? I took the outer case off and looked in to see if anything was impeding or interfering with the drawer and couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.
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I don't know this machine specifically but it sounds to me as though a worn, broken belt or a gear that has slipped of its axle. Hope it turns out to be something that simple.
Probably the easiest thing to do would be to just replace the transport. As long as the wires are not soldiered, it should be a simple job that you can do yourself.
open her up and check the belts and its all possible the side rails the draw glides on might just be dusty and in need of some cleaning. Just a thought that might be an easy fix...good luck
When you manually assist the opening, does it complete it's excursion on it's own and then close on it's own? Or do you have to pull it all the way open, and push it closed?
Also does it play the disc without any errors?

One thing you may try if you haven't is unplug the unit and press all the buttons on the face plate while it is unplugged. Then leave it unplugged for 30-40 minutes. This will eliminate any stored capacitance in it's memory and force it to return to it's factory defaults. If upon restarting the unit it continues to malfunction, then find a reputable repair center and have it further diagnosed. It could be a simple switch or a transport.
There is a cheap fix ($5!) for your problem, the same one I just dealt with. There is a plastic gear which makes the tray slide in and out. It wears with use and exposure to our polluted atmosphere. Look on ebay for a replacement, different versions for different transports. You can replace the gear yourself, or buy it off ebay and take it with your player to a tech.
Theo it opens on its own when I manually assist and closes without any hitches. The disc also plays with no errors.

I will try to unplug and press all the buttons and see if that helps and try to report back this evening. Thank you very much.
I has something similar happen to me with an old Opera Consonance CD player. It turned out there was a bad batch of micro switches and it was easily replaced under warranty.

If not under warranty, it shouldn't be costly to fix.

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I have a SA-11S1 with a similar issue, drawer sticking. I put a little bit of graphite dry lube on the sides of the drawer, and that seems to help quite a bit.

Mine has the Ultimate Tube Mod by pcX, and is therefore very difficult to replace, it still sounds great. Since using the dry lube, I might have to hit the open button twice once in a while, but for the most part, I don't have to manually assist the drawer with opening anymore.

Samzx12, from your description, if the others suggestions don't locate the fix. I am wondering if maybe it is the drawer face plate hanging up on the on the faceplate of the component. Some of these players that I have owned the face plate on the drawer snaps off usually by lifting up and pulling out but be careful not to break any of the retainers. Once you have that off , see if the drawer opens and closes freely. Hopefully it's something that simple, good luck.
Theo I tried unplugging and pressing the Faceplate buttons and no luck. I will try unsnapping the drawer faceplate. Thank you!

Bdp24 your player replicates what mine is doing? I can hear it wanting to open but will not unless manually helped. It closes just fine. Where in the player is this gear and I will order it?
they seem to be pointing at the loading motor gear as I had mentioned on your AA thread. Try the graphite like the one guy said and find that gear so you can inspect it