Marantz SA-11S1 and transport noise.

I just received my Marantz SA-11S1. The first thing which I recognized is the rather loud noise which comes from the transport/laser when I play a SACD/CD. I was wondering if this is normal. I have an older Sony which is dead quiet. Perhaps this is normal with the newer units.
My Sony C333ES is fairly noisy when playing SACDs too. I don't hear it from my chair though so I have been overlooking it.
My MLevinson 37 Transport is dead quiet.The Proceed CDD was also silent.
My Marantz SA-14 SACD player is also dead quiet.

I have the same noise from my SA11. According to Marantz this is normal for this unit. It is however slightly
disconcerting - otherwise, a fantastic machine.
Wepratt, thanks. Now I sleep better. Does yours have the plastic drawer or is it metal? I ask because the TAS review seams a little bit confusing, at least to me.;) The reviewer says 'The transport mechanism is largely metal'. I guess he does not mean the drawer.
At this price level, I would think that any noise from the transport is unacceptble. I was considering buying this player, but now I don't know. The response from Marantz is lame but to be expected.
Flimsy draws and transport noise is the norm these days for most any high-end machine.

Some of the modders out there damp the transport as part of their routine. You might want to look over your transport and see if you can apply damping material inside to lessen the 'noise'.

If you can could you report back in a couple of months as to how things worked out. I am interested in how it settles down after break-in.
No noise whatsoever in my machine. Both my SA14v2 and the SA11-S1 are quiet. Great units.
How do any of you like the sound of the SA11S1? can you make any comparisons to other units? The TAS review was pretty positive about this player, even calling it better than the XA9000ES