marantz sa-11 or cary 306 sacd

I am looking to upgrade my Sony xa 777es. And think these are the 2 players I am zeroing in on. Does anyone have experience with either or both? Any thoughts or opinons would be greatly appreciated!
my 2 cents... I heard the SA-11 and I actually prefered the older SA-14. I thought the SA-11 sounded too laid back for me. I've not heard the Cary, but people are saying mostly great things about it.

Question: What do you think of the XA777ES? If it's a little bit too cold or analytical for you, than the SA-11 may be the right direction for you. But try to hear the 14, too.

For reference, I actually prefer the more analytical sound of the Sonys (I own the SCD-XA9000ES).

Modding your XA777ES may also be a good, cost-effective, upgrade option. Look into it.



Thank you Tom.

I lookoimg to upgrade the redbook sound of the unit. Their is such a huge difference, that I have begun to question the Sony's redbook playback. I love the sacd sound, however.
Sony has not made an SACD player that did redbook well. Even my XA9000ES, which supposedly upsamples the redbook data to DSD, sounds better through a DAC. I would guess that you'll be happier with the redbook play with either the Marantz or the Cary. (Or, if you don't mind having two players, I hear the Rega Apollo is the redbook player to hear these days.). I wouldn't recommend mods to the XA777ES if improved redbook play is your goal. I had another Sony modded, and the sound was definitely improved, but retained the same sonic character.