Marantz SA-11-3 or Modwright Oppo 105

I can buy them both used for about the same price? Which unit do you think sounds better? If I had a problem with either one would I get better service from Marantz or Modwright? 
Used but unmolested will retain it's value better.  Service wise who knows.  
I know from experience,  Oppo is an great player and folks at  Modwright are simply outstanding. 
The Modwright Oppo 105 is terrific.  Dan (Wright) stands behind his product as well, if not better, than anyone.

I owned a second hand Modwright Sony SCD777ES for over ten years. It developed an issue with the carrier in 2010. Dan stands behind his product. Even though the part was nothing his mod installed he quickly replaced it without any labor charges.
I recently sold the Sony and bought the Oppo 105 fully modded from Dan after seeing so many used at RMAF the past few years. I love it!
Marantz makes a good product. Who and how long for it to be repaired?
Thanks! for sharing- mid40sguy.