Marantz SA-11

I am considering the purchase of a Marantz SA-11 SACD/CD player but have read that the transport can be noisy with SACDs. Does anyone have any info on this?

Bob R.

I also read that the Transport can be Noisy.
I purchased a Marantz SA-11S1 today. I didnt
notice any noise during SACD playback today.
I will say that the SACD is Outstanding!!!!!

But I bought it for the Redbook/CD playback.I went
to get the Musical Fidelity A5. Playing in a all MF
system(KW series) with Sonus Faber Cremona speakers,
The Marantz SA-11 was far superior. It was just as Smooth
as the tubed A5 but "Cleaner and Clearer".

I will let you know if it develops the SACD transport

I'm on my second one, you can hear the transport in sacd mode
when music is very low or between tracks. Transport noise diminishes as you go further into disk. When you first insert and sa 11 read toc in sacd thew transport spins very fast, that the noise I'm hearing. This is my second unit.Three other
posters have had same observation.
Hey Jsgseq,

How do you like the Sound of the SA-11s1?
Do you feel that its much better than the 63-se?
There is no comparison.SA11 is just amazing on cds.Everything is better. Never mind the SACD playback which is a league of its own. I had both a RoTel player and a Rega Apollo, neither sound much better than the 63SE. Are you sure you are not hearing any transport noise on sacd playback?
Thanks for the responses. Guess I'll just have to listen for myself.

Bob R.