Marantz SA-10 vs SA-KI Ruby

Hi all,

wondering if anyone one can explain what makes the difference in these 2 players? (Other than balanced outputs on the SA-10). 

MSRP difference is $2k...

Do people think they should sound the same?

I have the Ruby KI Pearl. I bought it second-hand and did not have to buy it as part of a set.

I don't know how it sounds compared to the SA-10 or the Ruby. The only things I have to compare it to are a Rega Apollo-r (which the Pearl replaced), a Marantz CD6004, and my Oppo players, which include the 105D and the 203. 

It sounds much better than any of them and better than any of my turntables.
These are state of the art transports but they still aren’t nearly as well built as they used to make them.
@d2girls please elaborate !