Marantz SA 10 compared to

Oppo 205 for CD play only. ?
It will outperform the 205 by miles.
I have the Marantz KI Pearl and have owned a Modwright modded Oppo BDP95 and currently have the BDP 105D and UDP 203.   The Pearl is a few notches down the line from the SA 10 and is a much better CD/SACD player than any of the Oppo players I've owned.  The Oppo players are good, but as someone else alluded to, they are built to perform many functions while the Marantz is purpose built for one thing only and does that one thing much better than the jack of all trades Oppo.
Precisely! The Marantz KI Pearl is a sweet player. Enjoy it in good health.
Happy Listening!