Marantz sa-1 stop playing

Hi..please help if you any imformation..I brought this cd player to a local Marantz authorize dealer to check up(fix)..but the only answer they gave me are they won't be able to fix it because of the parts are discontinue..this is a sad,sad new for this is the only chance for to reach out for help..
Here are the parts # zz001620r or 9965-000-06889 any one of these parts will fix my marantz sa-1 sacd player...Thks ...
Try calling marantz customer service, their phone is (201) 762-6392
i have a marntz cd player the cd tray is suddenly very greasy and a black colour of the tray emits if you try to clean it up, which in turn also gets transfered to the cds whilst playing. any solutions
If it's a laser issue, try to contact this member "audioalex" as he seems to have a spare SA-1 laser for sale here last month; otherwise, contact Service Wide Technologies which is a Marantz authorized service center.
does your Marantz still play CDs?
I'm having the same problem with my SA-14. It stopped reading discs and no replacement part (If it's the laser mech) is available. It's been under my bed for well over a year and I'm sick about it. It was easily my best sounding cd player as it was also modded by Tube Research labs.
Add the Sa11S1 to the list of Marantz players that can't be repaired for bad lasers as well. After much back & forth between a Marantz authorized service center and Marantz's service department, all involved pronounced my Sa11S1 with laser problems to be unrepairable. Marantz had supposedly developed a replacement laser protocol with a different laser and a package of electronics parts replacements to allow the Sa11S1 to remain in service, but the repair center said the parts did not work. When I contacted Marantz and asked them about their supposed pledge to maintain repair parts in stock for five years after a product is purchased, Marantz's customer service couldn't do anything but mumble insincere sounding apologies. That experience left me very reluctant to invest large sums of money in any digital player in the future.
Photon, so am I pretty much bleeped? I can't stand the the thought of tossing something that cost me over a grand and also has about 700 bucks of top mods. I'll call the Service Wide place mentioned above and see what they say before throwing in the towel. I must add that some guy in Hong Kong who advertises on ebay says he has laser replacement mechanisms made by Sharp that fit all the Marantz players. He wants about a 100 bucks and cash only, I have yet too bite, something does not feel right about it.
I had a bad experience with an EMM CDSA SE blowing up on me. Though I was able to have it repaired I sold it off. The experience taught me how vulnerable 1-box solutions are. I now have a PS Audio transport and AMR DP-777 DAC and could not be happier. If the transport fails it can be repaired -- or replaced at half the retail cost on the aftermarket.
Zar, I agree, it is extremely disagreeable to contemplate trashing a good bit of $1k kit over the lack over a $50 part. Manufacturers are at the mercy of their laser suppliers and it is obvious that Marantz chose some troublesome lasers, judging from the numerous online comments about frequent replacements. In fairness, it's not just Marantz that suffers from this problem. I would definitely call Marantz's customer service and see what they've got too say. It has been at least six months since I went through my experience with a bad laser, maybe their engineering department has worked out a replacement package that works. (I also wondered if the repair facility I used was simply tired of working on my player- that was its third laser replacement- and claimed they couldn't successfully install the Marantz replacement parts.) As to the Ebay seller's claim of a "one fits all" replacement, I'd be dubious about that one. Marantz customer service can verify the part number needed and you can judge from that point.
Photon, thanks for the advice. Yea I just can't pull the trigger on the ebay deal. Paul at Tube Research Labs has done lots of mods on Marantz Sa players and claims they are built like tanks and has never seen a laser mech go out. Sounds contradictory but.. I'll take the next steps and keep in touch. Thanks.
Sabai, a transport or computer + dac is one workaround for the problem of a useless player one can't get repair parts for. I just have preferred the convenience and neater appearance of one box players. We can all see the writing on the wall though, time's a coming when the one box player's going to be a technological anachronism.
Agreed. But for me it not only solves the problem of a one-box breakdown leaving me high and dry. It also give me the opportunity to have two excellent components in my system. The PS Audio transport and the AMR DP-777 are a match made in heaven.