Marantz SA-1 modders and transport change

I have heard that it is impossible or very hard to get a new transport for SA-1 if it dies. However it is a Philips top of the line pro transport and seems to be very reliable.

Anyway my question is if it is possible to change the transport to something else if someday it still happens and the transport still dies?

I ask this because SA-1 is just the best digital that I ever heard and I love it so much that ..., yes I can always hunt for new (used) one but comparing it to numerous newer much more expensive top tier digital I just ... want to keep it forever!

I don't want to hack it now but someone skilled please let me know if it is theoretically possible?

P.S. I already have SA-1 service manual.
Really not anyone who can give some options?
Here is the national distributor for Phillips transports....I'd start here. They are located in Royal Oak Michigan.
Many thanks Jamnesta!
I already sent them my request so lets see if they have this piece in their stock.
Other options also most welcome, please be more active...
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Our hope is that Phillips is still making the transports and/or there is a supply of NOS in a factory somewhere.

As far as I know Phillips does not make them anymore. I was lucky to find brand new OEM in eBay so I have a backup in case if I may need it someday.
But be warned that there are also some China knockoffs in eBay.
Sorry I wanted to say NOS not OEM. :)